Blaptica dubia (Serville, 1838)

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    Dubia roach, Blaptica dubia (Serville, 1838) (Blattodea: Blaberidae), like all hemimetabolous insects, has an incomplete life cycle. The unique aspect of this species is it gives birth to immatures. Thus, no egg stage is present outside of the female. They can be raised on various fruit diets; however, it should be noted that the life cycle could take six months depending on conditions under which they are reared. Adults have often been used as feed for various pets including reptiles.



    Blaptica dubia
    Kingdom Animalia
    Phylum Arthropoda
    Class Insecta
    Order Blattodea
    Family Blaberidae
    Genus Blaptica
    Species B. dubia
    Author citation (Serville, 1838)
    Common names  
    dubia roach, orange-spotted cockroach, guyana spotted cockroach, argentinian wood cockroach